Welcome to Clickloaded Tech Blog .

Welcome to Clickloaded Tech Blog .Welcome to Clickloaded Tech Blog .

I am glad to have you visit.

My name is Atavwerunu Clinton
and I am the administrator and owner of this blog.

Let me tell you a bit about this blog,

Clickloaded.com.ng . was started in 2016 on the idea of creating easy to understand tutorials for beginners
over the years, I have done just that.
Making sure readers get to find the very best of information.

Currently, C.T.B power ground include tutorials on


  • BlogSpot
  • Income ways (Adsense)
  • Optimization (Speed, SMO etc)

In these various topics, I have elaborated on numerous issues which should be useful to you.

My vision is to improve on all angles of this blog and make it the most useful blog for resources

such as

  • How to make money
  • Starters guide to anything etc.

All articles provided are provided free though there are some premium themes, tools and eBooks on sale.

You can read more about clickloaded.com.ng at the about us page…

… and if need be check out the policy page.

Once again, I am glad to have you visit and would be super excited to respond to your first comment.
Also, we have a feed (email) that delivers latest blog posts to subscribed readers.

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