October 21, 2021
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About Clickloaded

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You are awesome to me, coz you made up your mind to know about me. Let me introduce this blog to you.

This Blog CTB deals with blogging tips, SEO strategies, writing tips and leveraging social media for your blog’s online presence.

Okay, it’s me Atavwerunu Clinton. The founder of this blog Clickloaded tech blog. I’m a full-time blogger, based on web developement  Browsing solutions hacking tips  Phone and desktop solutions  With Reviews


I have been using Google search, more than anyone in my friends circle.
I used to amuse – How this vast content all over the web is created?

Later I realized that it is blogging, who create content day and night. Without these content creators, Google would be nothing. I decided to become a blogger and enhance my online presence.

My inspiration probably came from my desire at a young age to be a journalist,  I thought blogging would be the best choice for me..


I started blogging on wapka  Blogger platform, later I shifted to blogger platform. In the beginning, I used to write blog posts without thinking of any keyword or SEO stuff. I was a multi-niche blogger who used to blog about blogging to health in a single blog, hoping to turn my blog to single-authored Wikipedia!


Later, when I came across SEO, I realized that for the single authored blog, a single niche is highly effective I started a niche blog. I actually started this blog after 2 failed attempts of niche blogging on dropped spam domains that I acquired, which I lately realized what’s under the hood. I wasted 2 years of my blogging career due to this.
When I started my main blog Clickloaded I had no proper plans to monetize my blog. This was my biggest mistake.
Later on may 7th of 2016, I started my blog – Clickloaded Tech Blog . It quickly turned to be one of the top Ngeria  blogs within 2 years.


While pursuing my degree, I realized that my studies will definitely ruin my blog, by running me out of time. I felt that academic education has nothing to do with real life. I already knew that degree will not be worth at least after 3 years in Nigeria. They are preparing you to be replaced by robots.
Moreover, I was not interested in getting placed in an company, fixed to a certain salary, place, and schedule. I hate being employed. I forecasted that employment model turns out to be a real modern slavery model at least in Nigeria. {I would rather master at a particular interested programming language and work at sites like Upwork.}
I stop school. Earning a degree is more or less earning a dignity; at least in Nigeria. But I’m kind of a person who don’t give a damn to what others think.
I love blogging. I am a firm believer that, “If you want to achieve something in life, you ought to do what you love”. Like what my uncle Idiero Efe Samuel do tell me all the time
The daily consumption of content has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. I also knew the fact that, money is flowing like water on the internet, and the trend will continue to grow.
While dropping out, my income was pretty decent. I was confident that if I take blogging as a full-time profession, I would earn more from it.
 I quit shool out of My line , my old friends were asking me – “What are you doing?”. I would tell them “I’m a professional blogger”. The majority of them looked at me like I’m a crazy-weird-kid. I thought –
let it be.


I based on web developement  Browsing solutions hacking tips  Phone and desktop solutions  With Reviews
Apart from this blog, I run several authority websites.
Apart from blogging field, I do train and help people grow their online presence leveraging blogging, SEO, and runing ads . I firmly believe that teaching what learn is very effective and is more of like a growth-hacking mechanism.


As of now I’m focusing on building my personal brand. I’m becoming serious about blogging. I setup a home studio with my friend, to start focusing on personal branding and video marketing. I’m rapidly outsourcing my writing and SEO works to my VAs and looking forward to focus on this blog, personal branding, for growing my booming training career even more.
I hope you gained an insightful view of my blogging career. I hope this much is enough for you to get an idea about me.
You can contact me at my personal email at clickloadedng@gmail.com
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