6 Common Mistakes Newbie Developers Make and Solutions

Programming development is no simple errand, and for somebody simply getting into it tends to be overpowering from the start sight. Beneath I will layout a portion of the regular mistakes the beginner developers make and some potential arrangements.

The need to look at these mistakes and how they can be tackled can’t be over accentuated. There is going that says “we gain from mistakes” a ton of veteran developers committed these errors before, so its key you abstain from making them by making the correct strides.

At this point, you are admonished to take cognizance of the mistakes outlined below so as to avoid making them, in your journey to becoming a better developer.

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1. Assumption that code that works is working right

This is a common mistake made by most newbies and even intermediate developers. It is to be understood that there are core principles that guide every programming language. And a specific manner it was built to work.

When you write code that works outside of this core principles there is the eventuality that you will run into code behaviors that might seem unexplainable to you (yeah cause the code was working some minutes ago).

It is highly advisable that you thoroughly understand the core principles of any language u choose to use. That way you will understand the underlying behavior of each of the languages components.

2. Imposter Syndrome 

Faker condition alludes to the psychological accept that you are not as great at your callings as others see you to be. This inclination comes from variables like nervousness, sex generalizations, the craving to consummate everything to specify a couple.

This is a typical test looked by the two people. One of the methods of beating sham condition is by placing the idea causing this inclination into viewpoint and isolating current realities.

You can likewise conquer faker disorder as an engineer by building projects and having discussions with individual developers ,this will help you fabricate certainty and cause you to rest easy thinking about your self.

3. Gathering knowledge with out practicing

Yes, it is said that the developers life is a continuous cycle of knowledge and you will continue learning until you decide to leave the profession.

But if you just gather knowledge without application the knowledge you have gathered is practically useless. Also the are some thing might never get to understand until you get you hands dirty.

It is advised that you build projects in order to gain real world experience and build your confidence as a developer no matter how small the projects might be.

4.  Having difficulty picking a programming language to learn

Still on the topic of common mistakes the newbie developers make. It is said that in software development there is no single one shoe flits all solution when it comes to picking a programing language to learn.

Depending on the carrier path you have chosen in software development it is advised that you pick a single language and stick to it , at least until you have a good understanding of that particular language.

5. Writing code before thinking about a solution

Software development is all about solving trivial and complex problems. And to solve most of the problems , a lot of thought has to go into the possible and most optimal way to approach  the solution.

When you start writing code blindly you run into a lot of challenges and eventually waste a lot of time refactoring.

It is said that thinking about the problem and possible solution takes up to 70% of the whole software development process.

So the next time you want to start solving a problem you should take time out to actually think about how you plan to go about solving that problem.

Those are but a few of the challenges faced by newbie software developers ,this article is in no way aimed at making you feel bad about yourself but should serve as a reference you can learn from.

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