WhatsApp is a cool messaging platform with over billions of daily active users. It provides a place where users can chat with their friends …

families, and even engage with entertainment videos and photos of their friends on the status.

Status feature was integrated on WhatsApp to help in uploading multimedia contents that will last for 24 hours before automatic deletion. You can post memes, jokes, funny video skits, thoughts and more.

But have you ever think of making money from that feature? Ok, I will teach and lecture you on a way perfect way to make cool money from WhatsApp status.

All you need to make money from your WhatsApp status is to build a solid fanbase which can be a hard task but after that phase, you will start making money and getting more visibility to your posts after you have enough followers who loves your contents.

1. Knowing Your Niche

Try to know the purpose of your WhatsApp channel before you jump into it. Do you want to be posting about Funny videos, Politics, Memes, Motivational talks and more? Nobody will tell you, get a topic by yourself that you can discuss all the time without getting bored.

2. Setting Up Your WhatsApp Channel

After you have know the purpose of your WhatsApp Channel, it’s time to setup a WhatsApp channel where you can always post to make money. So, get two WhatsApp accounts: one should be for your private account and the second account should be for the WhatsApp channel.

Now, download WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger mobile apps which are two separate apps. Use the WhatsApp Messenger app to keep your personal WhatsApp account private and safe from the clusters you will experience on your niche, and use the WhatsApp Business app for the channel.

And also, you will have a lot of contacts on your phone. Be sure to at least save your new contacts in a folder or group, different from your main contacts so that you don’t go through the stress of trying to sort your contacts when you need to call because you can call a different number with identical names in your phone book.

3. Give Your Brand A Name

Now, that you have registered on WhatsApp and you have know the purpose of your channel. You can then give it a brand name. Make it short and let it represent what you post on the channel. You can also make logo and write short description about your new channel for subscribers to know about what you do in the channel with just a glance.

4. Get A Lot Of Subscribers

To get a lot of susbcribers for more people to view your WhatsApp status and for companies to pay to place an ad on the channel. You have to create a broadcast message and include your number in the format below; and encourage them to click the link and send you their names so that you can save their number. And also, encourage them to save your number as your channel name.


You can also customize the link so that your users don’t forget what to do when they click on the link. For example:,

The link says; “I Want To Be A Part Of The Family

You can customize that link to your taste, change the 234 to your phone number and the text can be changed to anything you like by adding that “+” sign to separate each words.

5. Bring Awareness To Your Channel

Now, to bring awareness to the channel, you have to always post on a regular basis and always engage your audience. This will make them coming back for more and you will have a high engagement to your posts. Give out gifts and organize a special day for an events and be creative enough to know what your audience needs and publish it at the right time.


6. Setup Auto Responder

On your WhatsApp business account, go to Business Settings and set AWAY GREETING and QUICK REPLIES. This will save you the stress of replying each user who want to join your channel.


If you not available, they will automatically receive a message that you’re not there, and when they message you, they will be greeted automatically and you can also set keywords that will command the bot of how to reply your users.

How To Make Money From Your WhatsApp Status Or Channel

There are three main ways to make money from your WhatsApp channel that has a lot of subscribers already. You can be creative enough to find other means to make your money.

1. Advertisement: If you’re already getting

up to 500 to 1,000 views on your status, you can start placing advert of people’s products. People loves to advertise their products to bring awareness and they are ready to pay for it. So, you can screenshot your views to them as you get paid for placing the advert on your status. This can give you up to N15,000 or more in every week, if you utilize this method in the perfect way.

2. Sell People’s Products: Reach out to companies and participate in their affiliate marketing program. Take up their goods and show it to your viewers and you will get commission. Find companies with high commission rate and do it. Some companies offer up to N3,000 per referral. You can earn up to N30,000 per month depending on your viewers and the company’s commission rate.

3. Sell Your Own Product: If you have a business to showcase to your subscribers, you can easily do that on your status. After all, you have the channel to make that possible. Assuming you want to get referral to a program that will give you quick money, you can easily post it to get referrals.

Isn’t that awesome?

But one thing you have to note is that, don’t spam your users with business opportunity all the time. At least, fulfill the purpose of the channel. Give 20% for business and 80% for your viewers because they are there for the contents.

I hope by now, you would have successfully opened your WhatsApp channel and what’s the challenges you are currently facing? Kindly drop it in the comment section below for instant solution.

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